AsiaWise takes a managing role in the Chinese EB-5 fundraising process

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1) SALES AND MARKETING – the AsiaWise team works closely with the immigration companies to actively market each EB-5 investment project in China. Our experienced bi-lingual executives present our projects at seminars and investors meetings throughout China. We are also available to discuss our projects with potential Chinese investors in their time zone, in their own language, at a moments notice.

2) INVESTOR FOLLOW-UP – Chinese investors have dozens of questions about every project, and are often deeply apprehensive about placing their money in a foreign country where they have no personal relationships. Regional Centers which have Americans on the ground painstakingly answering investors’ questions and providing that personal connection have a tremendous edge. AsiaWise will personally answer every question from each prospective investor, and provide the extensive face-to-face consultation Chinese investors often require to make a decision.


3) LOCALIZATION – the AsiaWise team will carefully reviews each project’s marketing materials, and works closely with our clients to ensure they are in a format that is suitable for the Chinese market, and readily understandable in Mandarin Chinese.

4) ADMINISTRATION – Preparing I-526 petitions and investment funds for Chinese investors is often more complicated than in other markets. Ensuring that each investor’s I-526 application is properly submitted with adequate source of funds documentation can be a time consuming process. Should this process encounter difficulties, the receipt of funds will be delayed. AsiaWise works directly with the immigration companies to make sure paperwork is properly filled out, and delivered on time. Should there be problems, AsiaWise works with the immigration attorneys to ensure they are resolved quickly.

5) TROUBLE SHOOTING – Problems always crop up in China – forms get filled out incorrectly and deadlines are missed. Miscommunication is a constant worry. Leave solving these problems to us. We’ve worked in China for decades, and can put things back on track quickly.