Explore + Discover

New York, NY

Explore + Discover develops, owns, manages, and operates a number of preschool/daycare centers throughout New York City. The Preschools will add science and evidenced-based curricular and assessment rigors to make huge improvement to the experience of a youngster, and lead him/her to the best possible next school setting. Human neurodevelopment is mostly complete by age 2. The techniques ranging from sights, sounds, linguistics, music, art, environment and tone can make significant positive experiences and improve a child’s future outlook.


A consistent and regularly provided professional development regimen for staff improvement is a critical element. The Preschools is the environment that will positively touch the lives of all children, families and staff.


New York, NY


Manhattan is one of the highest-income places in the United States with a population greater than one million. Based on IRS data for the 2004 tax year, New York County (Manhattan) had the highest average federal income tax liability per return in the country.


Manhattan and Queens currently have the highest waiting list in the New York Metropolitan area for early childhood education. Comparable schools have reported turning down over 50% of applicants due to limited spaces. The preschool market in Manhattan is one of the most expensive in the world with monthly costs per child of over $2,300 on average.