Project Evaluation

Prior to signing a marketing cooperation agreement , AsiaWise carefully screens each project for suitability using a carefully constructed evaluation process that is specifically designed with the Chinese EB-5 investor in mind.

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AsiaWise is highly selective in choosing the U.S. based projects for which we raise EB-5 funding. We understand that our Chinese investors place a great deal of faith in us, and we take that responsibility very seriously.

Our analysis can be summarized as follows;

Green Card Safety – First and foremost, EB-5 investors want to be sure that they will receive a Green Card in return for their investment. AsiaWise carefully reviews the documentation of each investment project to examine whether it will be able to provide sufficient jobs to meet the USCIS minimum job requirement.

Business Risk Evaluation – Does the proposed business investment keep risk to an absolute minimum? Prospective EB-5 investors require as little risk as possible, and it is our job to confirm that the projects we promote conform to this criteria.

Business Model Evaluation – Chinese investors want to be sure that they understand exactly how the business will be built, gain customers, increase profits, and, ultimately, return their investment capital back to them. AsiaWise carefully reviews each project to safeguard that the business model is viable and can be easily understood by the Chinese EB-5 investor.

Return of Funds – Once the Green Card process has been completed, EB-5 investors require assurance that their investment principal will be returned to them. AsiaWise carefully examines each investment project to determine if it is fully capable of returning funds once the 5 year capital lockup period has been completed.

Regional Center Assessment – Each Regional Center will be reviewed, with emphasis placed on the track record of the team, as well as previous successfully implemented projects. Our purpose is to make clear that the Regional Centers with which we partner can and will make good on their commitment to their investors.

Legal Assessment – Has the project been properly registered? Could the project potentially come under scrutiny from the USCIS? Is there any chance that the project could deviate from the plan formally approved by the USCIS? Prior to any formal agreement, AsiaWise will carefully review all supporting documentation to determine that legal setup and approvals are to the standards a Chinese EB-5 investor would require.