About Us

AsiaWise specializes in marketing the best EB-5 investment projects from Regional Centers across the United States to our network of immigration agencies and partners throughout the People’s Republic of China.

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Our team has over thirty years of China business experience, and our founders have been involved with EB-5 in China since 2010. AsiaWise’s client base extends from New York to Florida to Colorado, from luxury hotels to fractional residences to schools. AsiaWise is also proud to already have investors who have received approved I-526 applications from the USCIS.

Although China is the leader in global economic growth and a place of significant business opportunity, it is also one of the most opaque and risky markets in the world. Having trustworthy partners who know the market is essential. AsiaWise prides itself on integrity, clear communication and complete transparency with our Regional Center partners. Our job is to ensure our Regional Center partners know that their projects are in good hands, that they understand exactly how their projects are being marketed, and that USCIS and SEC regulations are being strictly followed.